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In Store Art

City Dock Coffee offers local artists the opportunity to display their creative works within its shops for a one-month period. All types of works; photography, paintings, drawings, etc., are welcome. Because this artwork becomes the décor for the store, all pieces must be "family friendly" and presented in a finished manner; i.e. framed. Each store has a different amount of display space and it is required that the artist bring enough works to fill the space adequately.

Each display item must have a business card sized tag attached, listing the name of the piece and the price. Works are sold directly off the wall for cash, or checks made out to the artist. At the close of the month, City Dock Coffee retains a 10% fee on all sold pieces. Artists are responsible for hanging and taking down their work and must bring all materials necessary to do so.

Appointments are made to show samples of the works desired for display. City Dock Coffee is not responsible for damage or theft of any items. For further information, please call us at 410-269-0961 or via email at info@citydockcoffee.com.